T-DMB - Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (Terrestrial)

T-DMB (Terrestrial) is a Mobile TV technology, developed in Korea from the European Eureka 147 DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) standard (Satellite DMB is also available but is a completely different technology). T-DMB relies on DAB technology at the physical layer, using OFDM for transmission. Like DVB-H , T-DMB uses MPEG-2 -TS (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) to carry audio and video. However, where DVB-H encapsulates media using IP, T-DMB encodes audio and video using MPEG-4 and sends the encoded data directly to the MPEG-2-TS layer.


  • Fully interactive 3GPP based network map
  • Narrated call flows
  • Detailed network procedures

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