Originally developed by Mpirical as a network reference tool, NetX has evolved to become a unique tool for network visualization. Featuring a fully interactive 3GPP based network map, narrated call flows and detailed network procedures, NetX provides you with a wealth of information which is included in the OnlineAnytime Package or available via a range of subscription options.
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Interactive Network Map

  • 3GPP standards based.
  • Represented technologies include 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, CIoT and Wi-Fi.
  • All technologies can be filtered for simplification.
  • Search facility applicable to all network functions and reference points.
  • Click on a network function for a description of its capabilities.
  • Click on a reference point to see the protocol stack, including descriptions and links to the relevant 3GPP specification.
  • Change the map perspective.
  • Picture in Picture for map orientation.
  • Network function and reference point isolation.

Call Flows

  • Step by step narration of call scenarios and network events.
  • Signalling path and media path isolated on the map.
  • Mobile Originated and Mobile Terminated call legs.
  • Ability to skip to specific stages.
  • Subtitled.
  • Concise explanations.
NetX Call Flow

Network Procedures

  • Traditional signalling flow representation of call scenarios and network events.
  • Covering 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, CIoT and Wi-Fi technologies.
  • Colour coded protocols for ease of trace analysis.
  • Picture in Picture for easy navigation.
  • Explanatory videos to provide overviews of each network procedure.
  • Many procedures feature example decodes for individual signalling messages.
  • Search feature for tracking down specific information elements.
  • Expand all and full screen options to maximize viewing.
NetX Network Example
NetX Telecoms Map

Custom NetX Contact Us

Depending on the customer, Mpirical can extend the network visualization capabilities of NetX:

Service Provider: customized to your network, its architecture, call flows and procedures.

Equipment Vendor: to include your product positioning on the network map and links to product specific resources.

Network Testing and Monitoring Solutions: custom maps to focus on testing and monitoring interfaces.

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