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We are a specialist provider in telecoms training, with a focus on mobile, wireless technologies including 5G, 4G, VoLTE, Wi-Fi and more. For nearly two decades we have been delivering training to service providers, equipment vendors, network assurance providers and government agencies.



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Exploring the concepts, advantages, architecture and procedures related to migration of the EPC towards a CUPS based core network design.

Massive MIMO and Beamforming

This short course is designed to introduce the main concepts behind 5G Massive MIMO and beamforming. It identifies the role of the 5G SSB (Synchronization Signal Block), as well as Beam Management and Beam Sweeping concepts.

5G and Autonomous Vehicles

This short course will introduce the concepts behind 5G V2X technology, provide a focus on the V2X architecture and key aspects such as authorization and provisioning, operation over the key interfaces, and also the appropriate network procedures that will enable autonomous vehicles to communicate.

MEC and 5G

Multi access Edge Computing (MEC) is set to be a key enabler for future services based on 5G. This course shows how the two technologies work with one another to enable a range of new and exciting services to be brought to market.

C-RAN for 5G

The application of virtualization solutions to the 5G NG-RAN is a key initiative for 5G deployment. This short course details the concepts behind C-RAN (Centralized RAN) for 5G.


Our OnlineAnytime Package is a cost effective solution which provides you with:

  • Over 250 hours of high quality, video based training.
  • Coverage of the key mobile technologies, including 5G, 4G and IMS.
  • Unlimited access to all existing and new content throughout your 12 month license period.*
  • Additional resources such as access to NetX, reference documentation and trainer support.

*Excludes Commercial and Strategic courses and the 2min On video collection.

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Our Certified 5G Technology Training

Do you know where to start your 5G journey? Our 5G courses can be accessed through a range of different delivery options. In addition, all of our 5G courses are certified by the ITP and every course will give you CPD learning credits.

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Originally developed by us as a network reference tool, NetX has evolved to become a unique tool for network visualization. Featuring a fully interactive 3GPP based network map, narrated call flows and detailed network procedures, NetX provides you with a wealth of information which is included in the OnlineAnytime Package or available via a range of subscription options.

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Explore Our Delivery Options

Discover the different ways we can provide you with certified telecoms technology training.

Training Delivery Options

Our delivery options cover all aspects of training provisioning:

  • LiveOnsite – Traditional instructor led training where we come to you.
  • LiveOnline – Live instructor led training delivered within a virtual classroom.
  • OnlineAnytime – Comprehensive video based courses across a wide range of technologies.

Managed Learning Services

As part of our managed learning service we can offer you and your organization a full range of services including:

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  • Bespoke content and courseware development.
  • Product specific training packages, including product updates.
  • Dedicated trainers to understand your products and training requirements.
  • Managed training delivery services – administrative aspects including scheduling and liaison.
  • Customizable learning management system.
  • Traditional classroom, virtual classroom or video based online learning options.