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Telecoms Technology Training

We are a specialist provider in telecoms training, with a focus on mobile, wireless technologies including 5G, 4G, VoLTE, Wi-Fi and more. For nearly two decades we have been delivering training to service providers, equipment vendors, network assurance providers and government agencies.



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NEW – 5G and Satellite Communications

This short course is designed to introduce the main concepts behind 5G and satellite communications considered on a high-level basis, with focus on the key components, 5G and satellite access architecture. It will also provide an insight into satellite communications and its application with regards to 5G. Explore Course Details.

NEW – Introduction to 5G Radio Planning

5G radio planning is a key part of deploying and optimizing any 5G network. This new short course is designed to introduce the methodology employed during 5G radio planning considering key aspects of 5G spectrum planning, 5G radio propagation, propagation modelling and the 5G link budget. Explore Course Details.

NEW – 5G Wireline Access

With Release 16 and 17 of the 3GPP specifications now detailing 5G wireline connectivity, this short course builds upon the principles covered in 5G System Engineering to explain how this is achieved. Architecture, Registration and PDU Session Establishment is discussed along with IPTV Delivery. Explore Course Details.

NEW – Intro to New Radio

This new course provides an introduction to the 5G NR (New Radio) Air Interface and focuses on key NR features and terminology. In so doing, the concepts of Numerology, Massive MIMO, Frequency Ranges and Bandwidth Parts are discussed. Explore Course Details.

NEW – Intro to Telecommunications Networks

This new course provides a grounding to those new to the telecoms industry, giving a foundation of knowledge to explore the telecoms ecosystem. An all-encompassing course, providing technical detail on fundamental concepts, network architectures and today’s services environment. Explore Course Details.

NEW – 5G Security

This new course evaluates the end to end 5G System, in terms of architecture and overall operation, with emphasis on security roles. 5G AKA is then explored in detail, including signalling flows and API exchange, before concluding with a breakdown of SBI security. Explore Course Details.

BLOG – How to Succeed at Remote Learning

With remote living taking over every aspect of our lives, including professional development, we've tapped into our extensive experience as online training providers and shared some tips and advice on how to be a champion remote learner.  Read More.

NEW – Exploring 5G

This new short course seeks to explore the commercial aspects of deploying 5G, from the initial design and roll-out of the network through to monetization as a result of initiatives such as Network Slicing, Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) and Voice over New Radio (VoNR). Explore Course Details.

NEW – Introduction to AI

This new course provides an introduction into Artificial Intelligence and endeavors to separate the hype from the reality. In so doing, the course explains the terms Machine / Deep Learning, Explainable AI, Big Data and Algorithms before investigating their significance to 5G and Autonomous Vehicles. Explore Course Details.

BLOG – 5 ways a good LMS can benefit learning

Continued learning is a must for professionals and with online training being one of the preferred ways to learn, something that is key to aid this is a good Learning Management System (LMS). In our latest blog post we count down 5 things we think help to make a great LMS that can really benefit learning, from personalisation to gamification. Read More.


Our OnlineAnytime Package is a cost effective solution which provides you with:

  • Over 280 hours of high quality, video based training.
  • Coverage of the key mobile technologies, including 5G, 4G and IMS.
  • Unlimited access to all existing and new content throughout your 12 month license period.*
  • Additional resources such as access to NetX, reference documentation and trainer support.

*Excludes Commercial and Strategic courses and the 2min On video collection.

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Our Certified 5G Technology Training

Do you know where to start your 5G journey? Our 5G courses can be accessed through a range of different delivery options. In addition, all of our 5G courses are certified by the ITP and every course will give you CPD learning credits.

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Helping companies across the globe

Excellent content and delivery by a very good instructor. Thank you Phil.


Excellent technical knowledge and presentation / facilitation skills. Appreciated the material being focused on our needs.


A very well rounded knowledge of the LTE and 5G Techniques currently available.


Very impressed with material and methods. Looking forward to more Mpirical training in the future.

Jersey Telecoms

Very creative instructor, makes 5G very interesting. Really good pace, great course.


It was great training. I learned a lot about 5G technology that will help in my job's discussions with the telco customers. Thanks to the trainer! Simply fantastic trainer!


I found the course very insightful and at absolutely the right level for me! Very good insight into 5G systems. The interactive and whiteboard sessions were brilliant as well.


Excellent presentation skills and time management.

Dense Air

Really pleased with course and instructor. Great content. I think the range of level change depending on topic was also very good. We all liked the humour.


I am working with different applications of LTE that I better understand now


Great course, Graeme’s ability to address different knowledge levels in the room was great ensuring it hit the spot. Thanks!


This has been excellent. Materials covered in the course was very relevant and I found it very useful that 4G also was discussed.


I like that you present like discovery presenters. It's super cool and much-much easier to understand.


Gavin did a really great job of presenting a full technical course. Really great knowledge!


Really pleased with course and instructor. Great content. I think the range of level change depending on topic was also very good.


Instructor is able to adapt his presentation depending student's level of knowledge. His sense of humour makes the presentation very easy to follow.


Thanks for adjusting content to accommodate our needs. A very useful and well structured session.


When I found out about the one-year unlimited access, that sealed the deal and I signed up. This is the perfect combination for me, especially when Mpirical engineers continue to provide courses covering the latest technologies. EVERY instructor knows how to deliver material cleanly and smoothly!

OnlineAnytime Package User

Amazing ability to make dry subject matter interesting and memorable. Open to questions at any time and available before the course each morning.


Great use of whiteboard - very useful to build up the picture interactively instead of just presenting slides.


Thank you so much Gavin, the training was really very useful & insightful.


Awesome presentation, has great knowledge and hold on the subject. Enjoyed the informative course.


The instructor managed, somehow, to bring 5G network processes to life – quite an achievement!



Originally developed by us as a network reference tool, NetX has evolved to become a unique tool for network visualization. Featuring a fully interactive 3GPP based network map, narrated call flows and detailed network procedures, NetX provides you with a wealth of information which is included in the OnlineAnytime Package or available via a range of subscription options.

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Telecoms Training Devices

Managed Learning Services

As part of our managed learning service we can offer you and your organization a full range of services including:

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  • Bespoke content and courseware development.
  • Product specific training packages, including product updates.
  • Dedicated trainers to understand your products and training requirements.
  • Managed training delivery services – administrative aspects including scheduling and liaison.
  • Customizable learning management system.
  • Traditional classroom, virtual classroom or video based online learning options.

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Discover the different ways we can provide you with certified telecoms technology training.

Training Delivery Options

Our delivery options cover all aspects of training provisioning:

  • LiveOnsite – Traditional instructor led training where we come to you.
  • LiveOnline – Live instructor led training delivered within a virtual classroom.
  • OnlineAnytime – Comprehensive video based courses across a wide range of technologies.