HS-SCCH – High SpeedShared Control Channel
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HS-SCCH – High SpeedShared Control Channel

The HS-SCCH is a fixed rate downlink physical channel used to carry downlink signalling related to HS-DSCH transmission. It operates using a SF=128 channelization code, i.e. 60 kbps. The UE is provided one HS-SCCH set on HS-PDSCH configuration/re-configuration via RRC signalling. The number of HS-SCCH in a HS-SCCH set as seen from the UE’s point-of-view can range from a minimum of one HS-SCCH to a maximum of four HS-SCCHs, with the UE continuously monitoring all the HS-SCCHs in the allocated set. For each HS-DSCH TTI , each HS-SCCH carries HS-DSCH related signalling for one UE.

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