GPRS-CSI - GPRS-CAMEL Subscription Information

The inclusion of GPRS-CSI in the HLR is an indication that the user has subscribed to GPRS CAMEL Services. It includes: gsmSCF Address – this is the identity of the CSE (CAMEL Service Environment) to be used for service interaction i.e. the gsmSCF. It is made up of a global address enabling visited networks to identify the gsmSCF and route signalling accordingly. Service Key – the CSI also contains information related to the OSS of the subscriber and is termed the Service Key. This is used to identify the service logic to be used by the gsmSCF. It is administered by the HPLMN and is passed transparently by the VPLMN / IPLMN to the gsmSCF. Default Call Handling – this indicates whether the call shall be released or continued when there is an error in the dialogue between the gprsSSF and gsmSCF. An example of this maybe when the requests from the gprsSSF are not acknowledged by the gsmSCF despite repeated re-transmissions. Each Service Key has a default call handling setting associated with it. TDP (Trigger Detection Point) List – this indicates at which detection point CAMEL triggering will take place.


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