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Our OnlineAnytime training compliments the surge in popularity that comprehensive video-based learning has experienced.

With zero travel and subsistence costs, this delivery option provides the same level of quality and detail at a significantly lower cost.

How do you benefit from our OnlineAnytime courses?

  • With our OnlineAnytime video courses you have access to a wide variety of online training, all of which you can study from the comfort of your own browser.
  • From 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and IMS and Wi-Fi there are video tutorials at all levels covering all stages of evolution of these mobile technologies.

OnlineAnytime Courses

  • Exercises and quizzes to make sure you really grasp the concepts.
  • Reference guides you can download to continue your learning offline.
  • You can study on your PC, tablet or smart phone.
  • Suitable for Individuals, Teams and Organizations.
  • Study when you want.
  • Our Online video courses are designed around a series of digestible modules that build into a complete curriculum.
OnlineAnytime Courses

Our OnlineAnytime portfolio is accessible via our LearningZone, through which you can access the video training itself, along with a host of resources such as NetX, the course catalogue, our comprehensive glossary and your course certification.


In the LearningZone you will find the ‘My Courses’ area, which provides:

  • Video completion tracking, allowing you to pick up exactly where you left off.
  • Structured course layouts, including video durations.
  • Linear or non-linear navigation; choose exactly which topics you wish to learn.
  • Reference documentation for you to open or download.
  • Test of understanding for each video module.
  • Visual progress tracking, so you can track overall progress through the course.

The course catalogue allows you to browse the full list of OnlineAnytime courses.

OnlineAnytime Package subscribers can enrol on courses directly from the catalogue.

For individuals who have purchases a single course, additional courses can be purchased here.