Introduction to LTE

LTE is now widely established as a mobile broadband solution on a global basis. This short course aims to provide a concise synopsis of how LTE operates, focusing on the driving factors behind LTE, as well as the architectural view of an LTE deployment. Operational procedures such as network attach and bearer utilization will be examined, as well as key mobility and roaming considerations. Finally, LTE voice solutions will be highlighted, with focus on CSFB and VoLTE.
Course Introduction
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Introduction to LTE

This course will contain the following topics:

  • LTE Concepts and Drivers:
    • Key Drivers.
    • LTE Standardization.
  • LTE Network Architecture:
    • EPS Bearers.
    • E-UTRAN Components.
    • EPC Components.
  • Initial Procedures:
    • Finding the Network.
    • Attaching to the Network.
  • Utilizing the Network:
    • Idle and Connected Mode.
    • Moving to Idle.
    • Getting Connected – Service Request.
    • Paging.
  • Mobility and Interworking:
    • Tracking Area Updates.
    • Handovers.
    • Interconnect and Roaming.
  • Voice Services in LTE:
    • Circuit Switched Fallback.
    • VoLTE.

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