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5G Technology Training

5G is now a commercial reality


5G networks based on Non-Standalone access are a commercial reality, and Standalone 5G access will soon follow. This next generation of mobile technology, with features such as Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication and Massive IoT, is set to radically re-shape today’s mobile networks. This is why we have developed a range of 5G training courses to suit you.

Certified 5G Training

Ranging from Beginner to Advanced level training, all of our 5G courses are created in line with the 3GPP standards.

All Mpirical 5G courses are accredited by the ITP (Institute of Telecommunications Professionals) and provide CPD (Continuing Professional Development) learning credits.

Mpirical’s courses are designed to deliver relevant, concise and accurate training to a range of job roles and technical levels.

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Training Delivery Options

All of our 5G courses can be accessed through a range of different delivery options, allowing you to choose the one that is best suited to your requirements and preferred learning style.

  • LiveOnsite

  • Our trainers come to you for a face to face class.

  • LiveOnline

  • Live training, within a virtual classroom environment.

  • OnlineAnytime

  • You study when and where you want, on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

OnlineAnytime - Access comprehensive 5G training now

Our OnlineAnytime package is a great way to ensure your 5G knowledge is kept up to date, anytime and anywhere.

We have several 5G training courses online that include multiple short videos which focus on specific areas of the technology.

Within our package option every course contains a comprehensive reference document, a quiz to test your knowledge and suggested follow on training for your next 5G course.

Some of the benefits to purchasing a package include:

  • Certified by the ITP and include CPD learning credits.
  • Access to all new 5G training content that is added within your 12 month license period.
  • Unlimited access to all of our video based OnlineAnytime content, giving you access to 2G, 3G, IMS, Wi-Fi and 4G courses too.
  • Conveniently suited for Individuals, Teams and Enterprise.
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Tailored 5G Training For Your Organization

If you are an organization looking specifically for a 5G course that we have not listed, we can come to you to teach a tailored training solution to meet your specific requirements.

For more information on course tailoring, use the contact form.

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Industry Experts

Our trainers have worked within the mobile telecoms industry for decades, gaining a huge amount of knowledge and experience which they use to create and deliver training of the highest quality. Our latest portfolio of 5G training is no exception, reflecting countless hours of research to create 5G courses which are second to none.

Very creative instructor, makes 5G very interesting. Really good pace, great course.

Telefonica, 2018

5 Star Training! Interesting and informative. “Death by Powerpoint” does not apply here!

Jersey Telecoms, 2018

Lots to study but it did give me an overview of 5G.

Telefonica, 2018

I found the course very insightful and at absolutely the right level for me! Very good insight into 5G systems. The interactive and whiteboard sessions were brilliant as well.

Cisco, 2019

It was a great training. I learned a lot about 5G technology that will help in my job’s discussions with the telco customers. Thanks to the trainer! Simply fantastic trainer!!!

Tibco, 2019

Gavin has an excellent awareness of the audience and tailors to their needs!

Tibco, 2019

Thanks a lot, could do it again!

Tibco, 2019

Really pleased with course and instructor. Great content. I think the range of level change depending on topic was also very good. We all liked the humour.

Tibco, 2019

The instructor managed, somehow, to bring 5G network processes to life – quite an achievement! Educationalists say that the lecture format is not a good way of taking in lots of information. An element of experiential learning might help.

IPO, 2019

Huge knowledge on the subject; able to answer all questions thrown his way.

IPO, 2019

Excellent choice of content and delivery.

IPO, 2019

Amazing ability to make dry subject matter interesting and memorable. Open to questions at any time and available before the course each morning.

IPO, 2019

Great stuff – even for RAN engineers!

Dense Air, 2019

I am happy with the class and quite comfortable being an illiterate in telecoms.

Dense Air, 2019

Excellent presentation skills and time management.

Dense Air, 2019

Very professional and easy to follow.

Dense Air, 2019

Well balanced course – thank you!

Dense Air, 2019