Introduction to ViLTE

For service providers wishing to deploy conversational video services as part of their service offering, ViLTE is the predominant technology choice. This course will outline the basic concepts of ViLTE, tracking the IMS based architecture that is required. Key procedures such as Registration and Direct Launch video will be discussed, as well as details on the format of the video media.

Click on the links below for a more detailed breakdown of the course:

  • Video over LTE Fundamentals - In Principle
  • Architectural Requirements - In Principle
  • Registering for Video over LTE - In Principle
  • Direct Launch Call Procedure - Part 1 - In Principle
  • Direct Launch Call Procedure - Part 2 - In Principle
  • Direct Launch Call Procedure - In Practice
  • Video Media Considerations - In Principle
  • Reference Document - Introduction to ViLTE
  • Test of Understanding - Introduction to ViLTE
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Duration 3 hours
CPD Learning Credits 3
Price £185.00 (for 6 months access)

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