Covid 19 Update: Given the current global situation, we have paused the delivery of our LiveOnsite courses, but our LiveOnline and OnlineAnytime Packages remain unaffected. Browse over 50 online courses in our course catalogue, or get in touch to register your interest in future LiveOnsite courses when we are able to safely resume in person training.

Online Training – the greener way to learn

In our ever moving, ever developing world it has never been more important to keep your staff or, indeed, yourself up to speed with relevant training. It has also never been more important to reduce your carbon footprint and develop a greener way of working – this is where online training can help!

In the past a team training session may have involved everyone traveling to a training company or, at least, a trainer traveling to you – covering many miles in the process. This can still be a common occurrence, but things have been changing over the last few decades with the rise of online training.

Online training not only provides a more instant and accessible option for learning, but it also offers a greener way to learn. With no travel there are no extra car, mini bus, train or even airplane emissions bellowing out into the atmosphere, reducing the carbon footprint of every training session.

Average CO2e

As online training can often take place at any time and from anywhere, from your desk or even from your home, this reduces the need for a separate training room. In turn this means less gas and electric is used to heat the extra space, less lights are turned on and the need for an electricity gobbling air conditioning system is removed.

Training material, like handbooks and handouts, are provided digitally, removing the printing requirements and in turn the energy usage that traditional training entails. All this, again, reducing the carbon footprint.

As a training company ourselves, specialising in mobile telecoms, we saw the positives of online training many years ago. Since then we have developed a huge catalogue of OnlineAnytime video content and encouraged LiveOnline training where we can. This has considerably reduced the number of LiveOnsite sessions we undertake and in turn our carbon footprint, which can only be a good thing for the environment and the future.

Mpirical OnlineAnytime and LiveOnline Training

Of course, we do still undertake LiveOnsite sessions throughout the year but to offset our carbon generation for this we are part of a Carbon Offset scheme, paying a sum towards tree planting and other carbon reduction projects throughout the year.

So, next time you are planning a training session for yourself or your team be sure to consider an online training option – you’ll be glad you did.