So you think you know 5G?

Think you know 5G?
Put your knowledge to the test in our 5G technology quiz and see if you can achieve guru status.

1. What is the target downlink peak data rate for 5G?
2. What is the name of the 3GPP 5G base station?
3. Which 3GPP Release corresponds to 5G Phase 1?
4. Which function of the 5GC (5G Core) facilitates Mobility Management?
5. Which element of the 5G Core network is responsible for dynamically changing the service a subscriber may experience, based on network conditions?
6. In an Xn handover, which entity is responsible for providing the Target gNB with information about the subscriber eg the PDU Sessions the subscriber currently has active?
7. True or False. The new 5G "6GHz and higher" frequency bands do not propagate as far as the "sub 6GHz" bands.
8. What 3GPP feature is being defined to enable a service provider to create logical networks across the same physical 5G infrastructure?
9. Which of the following are ways in which a subscriber can be identified in 5G?
10. True or False. With Dual Connectivity, both the Master RAN node and the Secondary RAN node can split the user plane bearer.

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