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So you think you know 2G?

Think you know 2G?
Put your knowledge to the test in our 2G technology quiz and see if you can achieve guru status.

1. True or False. GSM is based upon circuit switching whereas GPRS is based upon packet switching.
2. The GERAN (GSM EDGE Radio Access network) is comprised of which two network elements?
3. Which network element supports Call Control, Mobility Management and SMS Transfer?
4. The GSM and GPRS air interface uses a TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) mechanism. How many timeslots does each technology support?
5. EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) introduced a new modulation technique. What was it called?
6. Which of the following are GPRS Mobility Management states?
7. During GSM and GPRS initial procedures, which activity will be performed by the device after it has read the System Information messages?
8. In a GSM network, which element is responsible for triggering the Handover procedure?
9. True or False. In GPRS Roaming, the SGSN will always be located in the visited network whereas the GGSN will typically be located in the home network.
10. Which of the following are benefits of EC-GSM-IoT?

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