When it comes to detailed technical analysis and specific focus on your network, an onsite training course is what is needed, when we send one of our world class trainers to you. LiveOnsite training courses can be tailored to your network and specific training requirements; when possible we will use your network analysis and service assurance tools to reinforce the technical concepts and really put the theory into practice.

Your Training Starts before the Course
For LiveOnsite courses, the training does not start when the trainer walks through the door. Prior to the training, you get access to your courseware and may be given access to online tutorials or video learning. With this approach, we try to ensure that everyone is at the same level at the start of the training. If you have specific questions before or after the training, your trainer will be more than happy to discuss them with you.

You work with our World Class Trainers
During the onsite training you will work with one, or more, of our world class instructors. You will get detailed colour courseware which provide an ideal reference guide to the topic or technology being studied.

Its Hands on so you Get It
Most of our onsite technical training courses use NetX, which allows you to dig into the detail. NetX allows Mpirical’s LiveOnsite training courses to be as “hands on” as possible, exploring call flows and traffic captures to assist in understanding.

You Keep on Learning Long after the Course
Your studies to do not stop when you leave the classroom.  Through our Learning Management System you can access your learning resources, email your trainer and continue your professional development.

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