When an on-site training session is not essential, a really effective alternative is our LiveOnline training. You get all the benefits of a classroom based training course but without the need for any participants to travel. Our LiveOnline training sessions use virtual classroom technology to facilitate remote learning, which is seamlessly integrated with our LearningZone for straightforward access.

Remote Learning from Your PC, Tablet or Smartphone
Students attending a virtual classroom using our LiveOnline training format simply need a PC, tablet or smart phone with an Internet connection (we’d also recommend using a good VoIP headset). Prior to the training, we’re happy to set up a test session to allow everyone to check their connectivity and audio setup.

Structured So You Stay Focused
For your LiveOnline session your training courseware, exercises and access to NetX are provided through the LearningZone. You can download these and start to study before the sessions if you wish. Due to the nature of remote learning, the sessions are short and focused, and typically last 3-4hours with frequent breaks. Sessions are delivered across consecutive days in order to keep the learning momentum going.

Fully Interactive
LiveOnline courses are just like being in the classroom. The training sessions are fully interactive, with students able to ask questions at any point, provide feedback to the instructor and take part in activities.

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