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The MAC-es/e at the UE handles the E-DCH specific features and functions, which include: HARQ , Multiplexing and sequence number setting, as well as s... View more

In the SRNC there is one MAC-es entity per UE. Key functions of MAC-es in the SRNC include: - route MAC-es PDU to the correct reordering buffer. - Reo... View more

The MAC-hs layer was added to the UMTS Node B as part of HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access). It controls the H-ARQ functionality of every HSDPA... View more

Macro Cell A large cell, typically tens of kilometres that is optimized to provide coverage and not capacity. ... View more

The MAG is a functional element of a PMIPv6 (Proxy Mobile IP version 6) domain which would reside in the foreign network. When a mobile device enters ... View more

Malware describes a wide range of unwanted software that can be present on an infected machine, ranging from viruses, worms and Trojans to spyware and... View more

MAP - Mobile Application Part A protocol which enables real time communication between nodes in a mobile cellular network. A typical usage of the MAP ... View more


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