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Launched by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2012, Wi-Fi Passpoint is an industry wide solution to streamline how users access Wi-Fi hotspots and eliminate the n... View more

WiCoP was a control protocol which allowed for the control and provisioning of large scale WLANs. WiCoP has since been obsoleted by CAPWAP (Control an... View more

The term Wideband is often used to distinguish it from Narrowband, however both terms are subjective. It usually identifies a signal that occupies a b... View more

WiFi is an interoperability standard developed by the WiFi Alliance and issued to those manufacturers whose IEEE 802.11 equipment has passed a suite o... View more

The WiFi Alliance is a non profit international association formed in 1999 to certify interoperability of wireless local area network products based o... View more

The WiFi Zone is a certification award issued by the WiFi Alliance to service providers using WiFi certified equipment and meeting a minimum service l... View more

The APN (Access Point Name) field in the HLR (Home Location Register) may contain a wild card APN if the HPLMN (Home Public Land Mobile Network) opera... View more


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