Example videos

Example videos

Mpirical are renowned for providing high quality online learning content across the mobile telecoms industry. Our OnlineAnytime delivery option gives you the flexibility of training at a time, pace and location that suits you. Moreover, if you take the package option, its unlimited access allows you to watch the content time and time again; if you want a refresher, the content is always there.

We have OnlineAnytime courses at a level to suit you:
2min video tutorials – we have over 125 Short videos covering a wide range of topics at an introductory level.
OnlineAnytime courses – consisting of over 35 courses, ranging from an introductory level to an in depth understanding of a specific technology.

Below are examples of the non technical telecoms videos we have:

Below are an example of the intermediate videos we can offer:

And finally, below are two examples of the technical videos we have:

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We hope you have enjoyed our example videos. In relation to these videos we have our popular #TrainingTuesday posts on LinkedIn. Each week we focus on a different area, providing videos and other resources to help your understanding. Sign up to #TrainingTuesday now in time for the next post!

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