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Enterprise Training

Enterprise Training

We are uniquely positioned to provide your organization with the ability to manage and deliver cutting edge telecoms training in a range of delivery methods. Our training courses and our Learning Management solutions are developed in-house, providing you with every possible opportunity to create a perfect training solution.

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Delivery options to suit your needs

We offer traditional classroom, virtual classroom and video-based learning options.

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Customize it

We can customize existing content or develop new content to suit your training requirements.

Certified training for your team

Our training can assist your employees with their Continuing Professional Development, offering CPD learning points and ITP accreditation.

Academies built for you

Looking to develop a company academy to help train your staff? We can help with our customizable academies.


Track your team's progress and skills

We offer detailed reporting through our Learning Management Systems, allowing you to track your teams progress and skill.

Managed Learning Services

By partnering with us as a training solution provider, we can offer a range of services.

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Custom learning paths for your team

We can create custom learning paths to give your employees the most effective learning experience for their roles.

Helping companies across the globe

We work with organisations across the world to provide high quality telecoms training.

Excellent content and delivery by a very good instructor. Thank you Phil.


Excellent technical knowledge and presentation / facilitation skills. Appreciated the material being focused on our needs.


A very well rounded knowledge of the LTE and 5G Techniques currently available.


Very impressed with material and methods. Looking forward to more Mpirical training in the future.

Jersey Telecoms

Very creative instructor, makes 5G very interesting. Really good pace, great course.


It was great training. I learned a lot about 5G technology that will help in my job's discussions with the telco customers. Thanks to the trainer! Simply fantastic trainer!


I found the course very insightful and at absolutely the right level for me! Very good insight into 5G systems. The interactive and whiteboard sessions were brilliant as well.


Excellent presentation skills and time management.

Dense Air

Really pleased with course and instructor. Great content. I think the range of level change depending on topic was also very good. We all liked the humour.


Great course, Graeme’s ability to address different knowledge levels in the room was great ensuring it hit the spot. Thanks!


Excellent choice of content and delivery.


This has been excellent. Materials covered in the course was very relevant and I found it very useful that 4G also was discussed.


Gavin did a really great job of presenting a full technical course. Really great knowledge!


Really pleased with course and instructor. Great content. I think the range of level change depending on topic was also very good.


Instructor is able to adapt his presentation depending student's level of knowledge. His sense of humour makes the presentation very easy to follow.


Thanks for adjusting content to accommodate our needs. A very useful and well structured session.


Amazing ability to make dry subject matter interesting and memorable. Open to questions at any time and available before the course each morning.


Great use of whiteboard - very useful to build up the picture interactively instead of just presenting slides.


Thank you so much Gavin, the training was really very useful & insightful.


Awesome presentation, has great knowledge and hold on the subject. Enjoyed the informative course.


The instructor managed, somehow, to bring 5G network processes to life – quite an achievement!


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Originally developed by us as a network reference tool, NetX has evolved to become a unique tool for network visualization. Featuring a fully interactive 3GPP based network map, narrated call flows and detailed network procedures, NetX provides you with a wealth of information which is included in the OnlineAnytime Package or available via a range of subscription options.

More Information About NetX

We can extend the network visualization capabilities of NetX including:

Service Provider: customized to your network, its architecture, call flows and procedures.

Equipment Vendor: to include your products, positioning on the network map, links to product specific resources.

Network Testing and Monitoring Solutions: custom maps to focus on testing and monitoring interfaces.

Need more detail?

The best way to quickly address any training requirements you may have is to contact us, but here’s the key points:

  • We’re responsive – give us your delivery date and we’ll do everything we can to meet it.
  • We’re flexible – course description not quite what you’re looking for? We can tailor it to what you need.
  • We’re adaptive – too little or too much technical detail? We can ease off or dive-in, whichever you require.
  • We’re effective – our course evaluations speak for themselves; consistently excellent feedback across all of our delivery options.

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OnlineAnytime Package

Time (or lack of it) is always a problem in the day to day running of any team. As a consequence, training can be pushed aside. To make fulfilling your training requirements easier, we have developed a large portfolio of OnlineAnytime courses which can be completed at any time and in any location. Even a globally dispersed team can log on to our academy, find suitable courses and complete an agreed training programme at their own convenience.