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Troubleshooting the EPC

Troubleshooting a complex system such as the EPC relies on a good foundation knowledge of the network and familiarity with the procedures which routinely take place within the network. Based on this knowledge, this course will explore the key KPIs and failure scenarios associated with Accessibility, Retainability and also Mobility. In each case, examples based on the service provider’s own service assurance tools will be explored.



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Section 1 - Principles of Network Performance Monitoring
Section 2 - Troubleshooting LTE Accessibility
Section 3 - Retainability and Mobility Troubleshooting
Section 4 - Troubleshooting LTE User Plane Performance

Topic areas covered include:

  • 3GPP Counters and KPI Definitions.
  • KPI Hierarchy.
  • Performance Monitoring Reports.
  • Example Reports.
  • Activity: Identifying Key LTE KPIs used for Troubleshooting.

Topic areas covered include:

  • Initial Context and additional E-RAB Setup Success Rate.
  • Attach Failures.
  • Monitoring Related Diameter, GTP and DNS KPIs.
  • Session Establishment.
  • Session Performance KPIs.
  • Identify Interface and Node Monitoring Options.
  • Activity: LTE Accessibility KPIs, Troubleshooting Session Establishment Issues, Investigating Current Network Issues.

Topic areas covered include:

  • Troubleshooting:
    • UE Context Release Issues.
      • Identify Radio/RAN related Issues.
    • E-RAB Drop Rate.
    • LTE Data Session Drop Rate.
  • Failure in Mobility Procedures.
  • X2 and S1 Handover Issues:
    • Unknown Target ID.
    • Cell Not Available.
    • Handover Failure in Target EPC.
    • Interaction with Other Procedure.
  • Activity: KPIs for Mobility, Investigating Current Network Mobility Issues. Top N Failures.

Topic areas covered include:

  • KPIs to Monitoring User Plane:
    • HTTP, DNS, etc.
    • Unknown Protocols.
  • Nodes/Cells to Improve in the Network.
  • Activity: Monitoring User Plane Performance and Troubleshooting Issues.

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