Self Organizing Networks

The need to densify mobile network radio coverage means that smaller cells and HetNets are a vital part of the overall RAN solution, which unfortunately makes the management of the radio environment extremely complex. This course therefore sets out to describe the concepts behind self organizing networks, including explanations of self configuration, optimization and healing.

This course will contain the following sections:

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Topic areas covered include
  • Self Organizing Networks
  • Overview of SON concepts
  • SON Features
  • Self Configuration
  • Self Optimization
  • Self Healing
  • LTE to LTE-Advanced Evolution
  • CA (Carrier Aggregation)
  • RN (Relay Nodes)
  • MIMO (Multi Input Multiple Output) enhancements
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Topic areas covered include
  • Self Configuration
  • Auto-Connectivity and Auto-Commissioning
  • Dynamic Radio Configuration
  • PCI (Physical Cell Identity) Planning
  • Self Optimization
  • Mobility Optimization
  • MLB (Mobility Load Balancing)
  • MRO (Mobility Robustness Optimization)
  • Energy Saving
  • ICIC (Inter-Cell Interference Coordination)
  • CCO (Coverage and Capacity Optimization)
  • RACH (Random Access Channel) Optimization
  • ANR (Automatic Neighbour Relation)
  • Self Healing
  • Cell Outage Detection and Compensation
  • MDT (Minimization of Drive Tests)
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Topic areas covered include
  • HetNet Architecture
  • SON in HetNets
  • Self-Configuration and Self-Optimisation
  • Small Cells and HeNBs (Home enhanced Node B)
  • RN (Relay Node)
  • Traffic Steering
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Duration 6 hours
CPD Learning Credits 6

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