Rich Communication Services

This course focuses on the GSMA’s Rich Communication Services global initiative and in so doing provides a comprehensive understanding of the methodologies by which these services will be controlled and delivered across an IMS network. This includes the real-time services of voice, video and messaging, in addition to reviewing how services such as geolocation, converged address book and Social Presence are implemented.

This course will contain the following sections:

  • Topic areas covered include:
  • Drivers for RCS
  • The Rise of OTT Providers, the RCS business model
  • RCS 51 Architecture
  • Incorporating GSMA IR92, Example End to End RCS Architecture, RCS Device Modes, Client Types, Device Architecture and the Joyn Initiative
  • RCS Registration Procedures
  • IMS Considerations, Registration Optimization, Capability Management, Security
  • RCS Services
  • Standalone Messaging, 1-to-1 Chat, Group Chat, File Transfer, Content Sharing, Presence, IP Voice, Geolocation
  • RCS Inter-Service Provider Interworking Considerations
  • GSMA IR90
  • Topic areas covered include:
  • IMS Concepts
  • IMS Architecture
  • P, S and I CSCF, HSS, Application Servers, PSTN Breakout and Interworking
  • SIP Basics
  • Protocol Architecture, Methods, Registration and Session Establishment
  • IMS Registration and Session Establishment
  • Topic areas covered include:
  • Initial Procedures
  • RCS Protocols, RCS and Access Technologies, Service Provisioning in the IMS
  • Client Configuration
  • Auto-configuration, HTTP Based Client Configuration
  • RCS Specifics for IMS Registration
  • Addressing and Identities
  • Capability and User Discovery
  • Topic areas covered include:
  • Voice Services in RCS
  • GSMA IR92 (VoLTE), GSMA IR58 (VoHSPA) and Supplementary Services
  • Typical VoLTE Call Establishment
  • Video Calling with GSMA IR94
  • Multimedia Messaging Services in RCS
  • OMA CPM, 1-to-1 and Group Chat
  • RCS Presence Services
  • Topic areas covered include:
  • IPX Functionality and Architecture
  • IPX Connectivity Options
  • Diameter and Roaming
  • Roaming Architecture, DRA, DNS and Diameter Edge Agents
  • SAE Charging Architecture
  • CTF, CCF, CGF, OCS, OFCS, GTP’, Diameter Charging Interfaces
  • Charging Identifiers
  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • Introduction to ViLTE
  • VoLTE System Engineering
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Duration 6 hours
CPD Learning Credits 6

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