Packet Transport Networks

As TDM transmission networks continue to be replaced by packet based transport solutions, this course seeks to explain the key technologies involved. Initially, the course will explore the concepts of IPv4 and IPv6, before then focusing on the operation of MPLS (including its key capabilities and features). Carrier Ethernet is also considered, exploring its standardized services and transport options. Finally, real life use cases for PTN are examined, in conjunction with a consideration of the new challenges that packet networks bring.
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  • IPv4 Fundamentals - In Principle
  • Protocol Stacks - In Principle
  • IPv4 Header Composition - In Principle
  • IPv4 Header Composition - In Practice
  • IPv4 Address Composition - In Principle
  • Subnetting and Addressing - In Principle
  • Routing Concepts - In Principle
  • DHCP Basics - In Principle
  • DNS Basics - In Principle
  • NAT Basics - In Principle
  • Reference Document - IPv4
  • Test of Understanding - IPv4
  • IPv6 Fundamentals - In Principle
  • IPv6 Header Composition - In Principle
  • IPv6 Address Composition - In Principle
  • Address Administration and SLAAC - In Principle
  • IPv6 Specialist Addressing - In Principle
  • IPv6 Header Extensions - In Principle
  • IPv6 Migration Strategies - In Principle
  • Reference Document - IPv6
  • Test of Understanding - IPv6
  • MPLS Fundamentals - In Principle
  • MPLS Architecture and Key Concepts - In Principle
  • Establishing a Label Switched Path - In Principle
  • Data Forwarding in MPLS - In Principle
  • Data Forwarding in MPLS - In Practice
  • MPLS Features - In Principle
  • Reference Document - MPLS
  • Test of Understanding - MPLS
  • Carrier Ethernet Fundamentals - In Principle
  • Ethernet Basics - In Principle
  • Ethernet Frame Format - In Practice
  • Carrier Ethernet Architecture - In Principle
  • Ethernet Based Transport - In Principle
  • MPLS Based Transport - In Principle
  • Optical Based Transport - In Principle
  • Reference Document - Carrier Ethernet
  • Test of Understanding - Carrier Ethernet
  • IP QoS Fundamentals - In Principle
  • Differentiated Services - In Principle
  • Additional QoS Mechanisms - In Principle
  • Policy Control - In Principle
  • Reference Document - IP QoS
  • Test of Understanding - IP QoS
  • IP Security Fundamentals - In Principle
  • Security Threats - Part 1 - In Principle
  • Security Threats - Part 2 - In Principle
  • IPSec - In Principle
  • Public Key Infrastructure - In Principle
  • Transport Layer Security - In Principle
  • Security Implementation and Management - In Principle
  • Reference Document - IP Security
  • Test of Understanding - IP Secuirity
  • Timing and Synchronization Fundamentals - In Principle
  • SyncE and PTP - In Principle
  • Reference Document - Timing and Synchronization
  • Test of Understanding - Timing and Synchronization
  • VoIP Fundamentals - In Principle
  • Soft Switching Concepts - In Principle
  • Session Border Controllers - In Principle
  • The IP Packet Exchange (IPX) - In Principle
  • Support for ISUP in SIP Networks - In Principle
  • Media Gateway Control - In Principle
  • Real time Transport Protocol - In Principle
  • VoIP Call Flow - In Principle
  • Reference Document - IP Based Services
  • Test of Understanding - IP Based Services
  • SS7 & Sigtran
  • LTE Protocols
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