Mobile Telecoms Fundamentals

It is not just network engineers that need to understand how mobile networks work. If you are looking to make better decisions in your role then this course will provide you with a comprehensive yet non technical overview of all things mobile – GSM, GPRS, UMTS and LTE, not to mention the IMS and PCC.

Click on the links below for a more detailed breakdown of each module.

  • GSM & GPRS Architecture
  • GSM & GPRS Air Interface
  • GSM & GPRS Initial Procedures
  • GSM & GPRS Security
  • GSM Circuit Switched Operation
  • GPRS Packet Switched Operation
  • GSM & GPRS Mobility
  • Interworking with GSM and GPRS
  • UMTS Architecture
  • UMTS Air Interface
  • UMTS Initial Procedures
  • UMTS Security
  • UMTS Circuit Switched Operation
  • UMTS Packet Switched Operation
  • UMTS Mobility
  • Interworking with GSM and GPRS
  • LTE Architecture
  • LTE Air Interface
  • LTE Initial Procedures
  • LTE Security
  • Defining EPS Bearers
  • Utilizing EPS Bearers
  • LTE Mobility
  • Interworking with UMTS and GPRS
  • Circuit Switched Fall Back
  • VoLTE (Voice over LTE)
  • IMS Concepts and Architecture
  • IMS Protocols
  • IMS Registration
  • Policy and Charging Control
  • IMS Session Establishment
  • GSM & GPRS System Engineering
  • UMTS System Engineering
  • LTE System Engineering
  • IMS and PCC System Eingineering
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Duration 4 hours

Price £100.00 (for 6 months access)

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