Introduction to NFV and SDN

This course serves as an introduction to the latest technologies to influence mobile service provider networks, namely NFV and SDN. The course will initially outline the driving factors for NFV, followed by analysis of the standardization efforts in place. The NFV Framework architecture will then be examined, including focus on VNFs, the NFVI and MANO. In conclusion, an overview of the concepts and architecture associated with SDN is provided.

Click on the links below for a more detailed breakdown of each module.

  • Fundamentals
  • NFV Fundamentals - In Principle
  • NFV Architecture
  • NFV Standardization - In Principle
  • NFV Framework Part 1 - Architecture and Network Services - In Principle
  • NFV Framework Part 2 - VNF and NFVI - In Principle
  • NFV Framework Part 3 - MANO and OSS BSS - In Principle
  • NFV Operation
  • Implementing NFV - In Principle
  • NFV Deployment
  • NFV Use Cases and Deployment Challenges - In Principle
  • Introduction to SDN
  • Introduction to SDN - In Principle
  • Resources & Test of Understanding
  • Reference Document - Introduction to NFV and SDN
  • Test of Understanding - NFV and SDN
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Duration 3 hours

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