Introduction to GSM and GPRS

As we move towards the launch of 5G, the second generation technologies of GSM and GPRS still play an important part in the global communication landscape. In this short course, we aim to provide a comprehensive introduction into the two systems and in so doing, explain how they support circuit switched voice and packet switched data traffic. Mobility is also discussed in addition to reviewing how roaming is supported for both GSM and GPRS. Finally, GPRS will be discussed in light of the rise in the Internet of Things and the modifications that have been introduces to support machine to machine based communications.
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  • The GSM and GPRS Network
  • The GSM and GPRS Air Interface
  • Connecting to the Network
  • Making and Receiving Calls
  • Sending and Receiving Data
  • Supporting Mobility
  • GPRS and the Internet of Things
  • Reference Document - Introduction to GSM and GPRS
  • Test of Understanding - Introduction to GSM and GPRS
  • GSM & GPRS System Engineering
  • Introduction to UMTS
  • Introduction to LTE
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Duration 3 hours
CPD Learning Credits 3
Price £100.00 (for 6 months access)

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