Introduction to AI

Artificial Intelligence is all around us whether we realize it or not, from recommending the next film to watch, asking Alexa to turn on the lights or having a medical scan pre analysed, AI is changing the way we live our lives. In this short course, we will explain what AI actually is and separate the hype from the reality. In so doing we will discuss Machine Learning and Deep Learning, the need for Explainable AI and the role of Big Data and the Algorithms that feed on it. Finally, we will focus on two use cases; 5G and Autonomous Vehicles.



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Introduction to AI

This course will contain the following topics:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence:
    • A Brief History.
    • Defining Artificial Intelligence.
  • Machine and Deep Learning:
    • Supervised Learning.
    • Unsupervised Learning.
    • Reinforcement Learning.
    • Deep Learning.
    • Strong AI v Weak AI.
  • Explainable AI:
    • Why Explainable AI?
  • Big Data Analytics:
    • What is Big Data?
    • Classifying Big Data.
    • The Complexities and Issues with Data.
    • Data Analysis.
  • Algorithms:
    • What is an Algorithm?
    • Introducing the Learning Machine.
  • 5G and Artificial Intelligence:
    • Using AI to enhance the 5G Service Offering.
    • Using AI to improve Network Operational Efficiency.
  • Autonomous Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence:
    • Understanding Mobility in the Future.
    • AI and the Self Driving Car.
    • Are you ready to be driven?

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