5G Wireline Access

Following on from 5G System Engineering, this course explains how connectivity with wireline access networks is supported. As such, the new network architecture is explained in terms of the functions, reference points and protocols before moving on to describe the key network procedures and how these differ from standard 5G operation; Registration, PDU Session Establishment and Service Request. Finally, IPTV is explored in terms of service delivery over a 5G wireline access network.

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5G Wireline Access

Topic areas covered include:

  • 5G Wireline Access Architecture:
    • 5G-RG and FN-RG.
    • W-AGF.
    • Wireline Access Control and User Planes.
    • Fixed Wireless Access / Hybrid Access.
  • Identities used in 5G Wireline Access:
    • SUPI and SUCI.
    • 5G-GUTI.
    • PEI.
  • 5G Wireline Access Registration:
    • 5G-RG Registration via W-5GAN.
    • FN-RG Registration via W-5GAN.
    • Deregistration via W-5GAN.
  • 5G Wireline Access Security:
    • W-AGF Authentication.
    • 5G-RG Authentication.
    • FN-RG Authentication.
  • Session Management and QoS:
    • QoS Model for W-5GAN.
    • 5G-RG Requested PDU Session Establishment.
    • FN-RG Requested PDU Session Establishment.
  • 5G Wireline Access Operation:
    • Service Request.
    • 5G-RG Service Request Procedure.
    • FN-RG Service Request Procedure.
  • Delivering IPTV over 5G Wireline Access:
    • IPTV Architecture Overview.
    • Registration / PDU Session Establishment for IPTV.
    • IPTV Multicast Packet Transmission.

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