5G Air Interface Non-Standalone Operation

The 5G air interface is a key part of the 5G system which will facilitate Enhanced Mobile Broadband and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications, as well as the support of future Massive IoT. This course focuses on the initial NSA (Non-Standalone) operation, also known as EN-DC (E-UTRA New Radio – Dual Connectivity). In so doing, it identifies the 5G NR (New Radio) air interface, from the physical layer operation to higher layer support of services. Included are key aspects of mmWave, massive MIMO, beam management and various operational aspects.
Click on the links below for a breakdown of the modules.

  • 5G Phases
  • NG-RAN Architecture
  • EN-DC Bearers
  • EN-DC in the RAN
  • Reference Document - 5G New Radio
  • Test of Understanding - 5G New Radio
  • 5G NR Duplexing
  • 5G Frequency Bands
  • 5G Waveform
  • NR Numerology and Frame Structure - Part 1
  • NR Numerology and Frame Structure - Part 2
  • Channel Bandwidth
  • Reference Document - 5G Physical Layer Transmission and Reception
  • Test of Understanding - 5G Physical Layer Transmission and Reception
  • Why Massive MIMO?
  • MIMO in 5G
  • Beamforming (Massive MIMO)
  • NR Beam Management
  • Synchronization Signal Block Location
  • Transmission and Ports in NR
  • Reference Document - 5G Massive MIMO and Beamforming
  • Test of Understanding - 5G Massive MIMO and Beamforming
  • NR Physical Processing Chain
  • NR Channels
  • NR Downlink Physical Channels and Signals - Part 1
  • NR Downlink Physical Channels and Signals - Part 2
  • NR Uplink Physical Channels
  • Additional NR Reference Signals
  • Reference Document - 5G Physical Layer Details
  • Test of Understanding - 5G Physical Layer Details
  • EN-DC Radio Resource Control
  • NR Packet Data Convergence Protocol
  • NR Radio Link Control
  • NR Medium Access Control
  • Reference Document - 5G Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • Test of Understanding - 5G Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • Attaching and EN-DC Operation
  • E-UTRA Measurements for EN-DC
  • PSCell Addition
  • NR Random Access Procedure
  • Radio Link Failure
  • Beam Failure
  • Power Control
  • Reference Document - 5G EN-DC Operation
  • Test of Understanding - 5G EN-DC Operation
  • NR Scheduling
  • NR Downlink Resource Allocation
  • NR Uplink Resource Allocation
  • NR Feedback
  • NR EN-DC Resource Coordination
  • Reference Document - 5G Scheduling
  • Test of Understanding - 5G Scheduling
  • EN-DC Mobility
  • EN-DC Change of Secondary Node
  • Inter MeNB Handover with EN-DC
  • Reference Document - 5G Mobility with EPC
  • Test of Understanding - 5G Mobility with EPC
  • 5G Air Interface - Standalone Operation (Coming Soon)
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Duration 12 hours
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