Managed Learning Services – Course Delivery

Utilizing engineering staff to deliver training takes valuable resources and expertise away from your organization’s core business. We can provide highly experienced, industry aware trainers on-call, to help you manage peaks in demand for course delivery. Administrative support with class scheduling, communications and course evaluation allowing you to benchmark how successful your training is. Our faculty will work with your teams to really get under the skin of your products to ensure they can provide the value add during the course delivery.

Course DeliveryCourse Delivery. Why use Mpirical?

  • Multiple languages – We have a highly experienced faculty who between them are fluent in languages including Spanish, Portuguese and many others.
  • Multiple Technical Disciplines – Our faculty are competent in a wide range of technical disciplines across all areas of the network at all phases of evolution, Including radio planning, radio optimization, radio and core. We can provide technical insight into 2G/3G, LTE and IMS as well as a full range of IP technologies.
  • A depth of experience – We have a depth of experience on network tools and applications as our faculty have worked with then in the field on consultancy projects.

To see how we have helped other companies revolutionize there course delivery and product training read the case studies.

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