Certified LTE Training

Certified LTE TrainingIf you are planning professional development for yourself, your team, or your whole organization in the field of LTE then we can help. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Certified LTE Training which is certified by two of the leading professional certification bodies in the telecoms industry. These are the ITP and the CPD Standards Organization. The ITP is the UK’s leading independent institution for people who work in telecommunications. It is dedicated to promoting the professional development of members through Professional Registration, training, mentoring and qualifications. By providing independent accreditation, the CPD improve the quality of continuing professional development. Their marks of excellence for training providers demonstrate to individual professionals that the learning activity conforms to best practice and is appropriate for inclusion in a formal record.

Our Certified LTE Training Courses

These are our current list of certified training courses that you can choose from.

The Value of Certified LTE Training

You can read more about how our LTE Training is certified by visiting our  “Certified Telecoms Training” page. Here you can read about the organizations who certify our training and the true benefits is provides. To find out more about gaining true certification on the field of LTE simply fill in the form below and we will get right back to you.

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