Learning about Mobile Learning

Millennials at Telfonica The current wave of young people entering the workplace are known as millennials (a.k.a the net-generation or Gens ‘Y’ & ‘Z’). They were born between 1981 and 2001 and have effectively grown up with digital technologies. As a result, their attitude towards technology and learning is different from previous generations. The Talentees … Continue reading “Learning about Mobile Learning”

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Training

Outsourced product training by a telecoms specialist will ENHANCE your customer product adoption. Great customer training is critical to kick-start the success of your new product. That’s why you need to use first-class trainers and first-class training material. The expertise of an outsourced telecoms training provider will enable your internal staff to focus on other projects, knowing … Continue reading “Benefits of Outsourcing Your Training”

LTE Training – What to Look For

Clearly there are a lot of companies out there offering LTE training. These include independent training organisations who offer a “how it is” description of LTE, its network architecture, protocols and procedures.  These descriptions are based on the standards and recommendation by bodies such as the 3GPP and GSMA And then there are the vendor … Continue reading “LTE Training – What to Look For”