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Fostering a culture of learning and keeping your technical staff at the correct level of competence to ensure you can meet your customers’ needs is critical to your success. This is even more critical in a fast moving sector such as mobile telecoms. But to implement a process, source the correct learning and deploy this onto a learning management system is a real challenge. There are many companies who offer learning management systems, and many that offer online learning, but only Mpirical offer you a complete turnkey solution that is focused on the needs of the mobile telecoms sector.

Learning Management System. Ready Stocked with all the Content your Teams need to Excel

AcademyWe work with you every step of the way so you can be confident the professional development of your staff is aligned with your strategic goals, and that tried and tested processes are in place to ensure they are getting the right training at the right time, and you have all the visibility you need to make sure they are progressing to the performance standard you require.
From setting learning plans, populating your leaning academy with the most appropriate certified training content, through to tacking progress and successful completion of your staffs training. We can help you every step of the way. By integrating all these features into your very own learning academy we take away the pain of implementing these complex systems.

In Summary. What You Get is

  • Training Needs – We work with you to scope the training your teams need to meet the competencies they need to meet your strategic goals.
  • Your Own Learning Academy – We can brand and manage a state of the art learning management system to deliver the training your staff need and provide you with the management and tracking information to ensure competency levels are met.
  • Certified Learning Plans – We populate your own branded academy with blended learning options certified by the Institute of Telecoms Professionals and the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office.

Option 1. Virtual Academy

For smaller organizations with small groups of staff (10 to 50 potential learners) who want to foster a positive learning culture and ensure staff reach the competency levels required to meet the organizations strategic goals. You get all the features described above but your solution is hosted on our virtual learning management system.

Option 2. Dedicated Academy

For larger scale organizations with several hundred staff (200+ potential learners) who are struggling to implement competency and learning plans into their workforce’s professional development and do not have a suitable learning management system. You get all the features described above but your solution is hosted on a dedicated learning management system.

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